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Remocon Frequency Counter

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Remocon Frequency Counter FREQCOUNT
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RF- Remote Control Transmitter Duplicator/Counter

This new Remocon Frequency Counter has replaced the mini version.

Plug it in, turn it on, press and hold your garage door opener remote button near the Remocon Frequency Counter and it will display the frequency your transmitter sends on the red LED screen.

Used for modifying frequencies, fine-tuning garage door opener transmitters and testing garage door opener transmitters where labels have rubbed off from years of use.

Works with all garage door opener transmitters, car alarm remotes, home security devices, as well as other devices that transmit standard radio frequencies.

Can be used identify frequency interference between garage door opener remotes and keypads,home security sensors,and other transmitting devices with medical devices, such as pace-makers.

Includes 9V AC power supply adaptor

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